Quarterly Schedule of Events, Oct-Jan 2015-16

Innovative Martial Arts Academy Schedule of Events


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, 01/05/2015

How Has Karate Changed My Future by Kayla McMillan

When I first started karate I was this small, shy, self-doubting little girl.  I didn't like to follow directions or put myself out to where I was the center of attention.  I absolutely hated talking to strangers and I would cower behind my parents when I was introduced ... [Read More]

Charles, 06/18/2014

How Karate Has Changed My Future by Victoria Crane

Karate is one of those things that's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle.  I've practically grown up at IMAA, it's my second home.  These past nine years have shown me that martial arts is not just self-defense, combinations, a form here or there..., it's much more... [Read More]

, 06/18/2014

How Karate Has Helped Me In My LIfe by Michael Mileski

Karate has improved my life by making me a more responsible and focused person. It helps me to have more control over my anger and keeps me from getting into fights. I was able to get help with a problem I had when someone my friend knew, held me in a choke hold. During class, Sensei Charles F... [Read More]

, 11/06/2013