How Has Karate Changed My Future by Kayla McMillan

When I first started karate I was this small, shy, self-doubting little girl.  I didn't like to follow directions or put myself out to where I was the center of attention.  I absolutely hated talking to strangers and I would cower behind my parents when I was introduced ... [Read More]

Charles, 06/18/2014

How Karate Has Changed My Future by Victoria Crane

Karate is one of those things that's not just a sport, it's a lifestyle.  I've practically grown up at IMAA, it's my second home.  These past nine years have shown me that martial arts is not just self-defense, combinations, a form here or there..., it's much more... [Read More]

, 06/18/2014

How Karate Has Helped Me In My LIfe by Michael Mileski

Karate has improved my life by making me a more responsible and focused person. It helps me to have more control over my anger and keeps me from getting into fights. I was able to get help with a problem I had when someone my friend knew, held me in a choke hold. During class, Sensei Charles F... [Read More]

, 11/06/2013

Crime Happens Where The Good People Live

A lot of people are misguided when they think about the neighborhoods they live in, where they work, where they play and thinking they are safe. Violent crime happens on the bad part of town, right? Yes, you will find violence in the bad parts of town, but it's on the rise in the nice neig... [Read More]

Fragment, 10/08/2013