Ron Balicki/Diana Lee Inosanto Seminar 2017

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Innovative Martial Arts Academy is proud to host the most dynamic and overall best martial arts instruction team in the business; Guro Ron Balicki and Diana Lee Inosanto. Their vast knowledge in martial arts and their experiences in police work, military, hand to hand combat, stunt work for numerous movies and television series, acting, fight choreography, etc., brings a unique perspective to their seminars. They are some of the most sought after instructors in the world, and we are bringing them here for two days! Seminar dates are Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21 at 11am

One of the best reasons to train with Guro Balicki and Diana Lee Inosanto is their ability to work with any style you currently practice, and make it work for you. You will be a better martial artist when you leave than when you came. It doesn’t matter your level of expertise, your style, or your level of fitness, there is definitely something here for you! You do not have to be a student with IMAA to participate in this event.

Here are some of the seminar topics we’ll cover:

Double Stick and how it relates to empty hand fighting
Single Stick
Knives (both employeement and defense)
Filipino Staff (approxiamately 5ft.)
Dirty Boxing (Panatukan)
Sarong (How to fight with flexible weapons; belt, jacket, tie, rope, etc.)
Bruce Lee’s art; Jun Fan Kung Fu
And so much more….

What to Bring: Sticks, Training Knives, Focus Mitts, Sarong (if you have it), Bag Gloves.


We have special room rates reserved at the Sleep Inn, 919.556.4007 if you contact them 15 days prior to the date of the seminar. Just mention, Ron Balicki Seminar and get your room for $84.99 per night.

The cost of this seminar is $195.00 for 2 Days and $115.00 for 1 Day. Saturday, May 21st and Sunday, May 22nd.

But…, we have an early bird special: $180 for both days! But only if sign up before April 15, 2017. After that, it’s gone!!


2 Days - Click Here!

1 Day - Click Here!