BASICS Program (Beginners 5 and up)

This is our very beginner's class.  This class is designed to be our integration point for students in our academy for ages 5-12 years.  It  teaches the fundamentals of martial arts and acclimatizes students to our academy. 


Emphasis on self-control, self-discipline, and focus is taught in this class.  We also teach basic self defense and anti-bullying in this class.  All blended with the POWerful Words Program, developed by world renowned child psychologist, Dr. Robyn Silverman.  This program teaches character education and success traits and highly praised by the parents involved with our academy.  


This is the place to start when you want YOUR child  to have:


* More Confidence

* Get Good Grades

* Have More Self-Esteem

* Set Personal Goals

* Have a Positive Attitude

* Better Focus

* More Respect for themselves and others