Our New Women's Fitness Kickboxing Program is Here!

Our New Women's Fitness Kickboxing Program is Here!

IMAA is now starting a new Women's Fitness Kickboxing Program.  It all begins on Monday, February 17th at 9am.  It will run Monday through Friday at 9am every morning.  It is designed specifically to meet your cardio and strength conditioning needs, with ALL of the fun of martial arts.


We will use heavybags, circuit training, focus-mitt training, and partner-oriented drills from our martial arts programs.  Most of all, this program is designed to be fun and enjoyable.  This is not your boring, look-at the clock experience of the gym. 


Another benefit of our class will be self-defense.  Every class will include a self-defense technique for you to learn and practice. 


Call to ask about pricing.  Our first 10 signups will get a VERY Special Deal!  If you’re already in our school on a Family Membership, you’re already signed up! 




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