Corona Virus and IMAA Classes Update

Corona Virus and IMAA Classes Update

There is a lot of concern about the CoronaVirus.  Right now, we're still open, but it's looking more and more like we may have to shut down for a 2 week period.  I'll keep everyone updated if that should happen.  Again, for now, we are open.

Starting tomorrow, I will begin making weekly videos for the kids to take on-line classes via 'KickSite'.  We ask that the students continue practicing and doing their lesson twice a week. 

If we must close and it extends beyond a 2 week period, we will add an equivalent amount of time to the end of your agreements to make up for it.  If you are past your agreement commitment and on a month to month,  we will make up the lost time with you as well in the same manner. 

Please bear with us through this period.  We are committed to you and your children, and want to be there for you when this is over.

Thank you for your understanding and loyalty,

Stay Healthy!

Sensei Charles

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