A Tree With Strong Roots

A Tree With Strong Roots

There’s no doubt about it, martial arts is not an easy path.  Martial arts is about learning to push yourself everyday.  An easy path will never teach you anything, will not gain you anything, and will not make you a better person.  When life gets hard, it hones us, tempers us, and makes it easier to empathize with others when they’re going through hard times. 


Easy will never to teach you to stand back on your own feet when life knocks you down.  When you go through difficult times, it makes you a stronger person.  If we were to liken it to a tree, the stronger the wind, the deeper your roots grow.


This is one of many reasons that people, especially young people should be part of a martial arts program.  They grow stronger and can persevere challenges and obstacles that life can throw at us better than others.  It’s why martial artists go on to be successful in any endeavor they put their hand to.  We learn and put into practice that anything worth having is worth working for. 


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