One of the Many Things That Sets Us a Part

One of the Many Things That Sets Us a Part

from Other Schools is our teaching style.  Our instructors go through extensive extra training just to be an instructor.  At Innovative Martial Arts Academy in Wake Forest, having a black belt does not mean you are an instructor.  Our instructors are required to go through over 50 hours of Instructorship Training.


Because of that, one of the first things you’ll notice about our teaching style is that we cater to every learning style.  We know that all students learn differently and basically is dominant in one of three areas; visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (tactile).  Our instructors get to know each and every student and recognize HOW they learn and work with them in a fashion that helps them learn the material more effectively and efficiently.


They are specifically taught to break movements down into smaller segments as to not overload students.  You’ll also notice that almost all teaching is done mirroring for the students who are visual learners. 


You’ll also notice our instructors demonstrate everything while they are talking and telling you each and every step as they do.  Auditory directions are clear and concise.


And for our kinesthetic learners, we have enough instructors on the floor that will help them feel their way through techniques.  Once they know what something is supposed to feel like, these students hold on to it for life.


This is just one of the many points of difference between Innovative Martial Arts Academy and other martial arts schools.  It’s also one of the many reasons we can take good kids and make them great! 


Innovative Martial Arts Academy, Wake Forest

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