Just Smile

Just Smile

I once committed myself to an experiment.  While out and about, at work, and even at home, I purposefully greeted everyone with a big smile.  And as you might have guessed, most of the time a smile was returned.  Then, I tried not smiling (hard to do, I’m generally a happy person), and again received the expected result…, I didn’t get any smiles back.  Sometimes I got expressed concern, but never smiles.


So, I thought on this as an example of the law of attraction.  If you want smiles in your life, give smiles.  You can do that with almost anything.  If you want joy, you give joy, etc.  And although I certainly believe in this, I found it goes much further.


As I delved deeper into my experiment, I noticed that when I didn’t smile, my mood was altered.  I could have started in a great mood for the day, and by the afternoon, just not in a good place.  So, my expression, even if purposeful and not real, altered how I felt.  What happens on the outside, has its effect on what happens on the inside.  This for me was eye opening.


I then decided to try something else.  When things weren’t going my way, would purposefully smiling alter my mood?  Long story short, yes it did!  I began expanding on this notion when I was going through some really tough times.  When people asked, “How are you?”, or “How have you been?”, no matter what, I answered, “I’m doing fantastic!”


I found it really works, before you know it, you are doing FANTASTIC!  Don’t get me wrong, I still have some bad days, I still have tough times, I still go through periods of scarcity, but I’ve learned the secret to getting through them.  Just Smile, and the world turns and you’re back in the sunshine!


I try really hard to bring this experience to my martial arts classes, the parents, and staff.  I’ve decided a long time ago, I didn’t want to be the toughest guy on the mountain, I want to be the instructor who brings the most joy, and it all starts with a smile!

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