Be the Solution

Be the Solution

“It’s better to light a candle, than to curse the darkness.” – Eleanor Roosevelt


Imagine sitting in a dark room.  A room so dark, if you held your hand in front of you, you can’t even make out the shape of it.  Now, imagine, other people in this room with you.  You hear one person angrily point out the obvious, “It so dark in here!”


Another talks about the days when the room wasn’t so dark. 


Another finds and tries the light switch, but it doesn’t work.  “Nothing ever goes right!”, she shouts!


Finally, a candle is lit, and from that one candle, the world has changed for everyone in the room. 


It’s so easy to point out the problems in this world because there are so many!  Everyday on the news, you can see how we’re living in a time of gloom and doom and impending disaster to wipe out life as we know it.


It’s also easy to talk about the good old days and how we didn’t have these kinds of things happening while I was growing up.  It doesn’t give relief to the problems though.


A better way of looking at the problems we face and BE the solution.  Not just find a solution, but to live it.  When you light a candle in the darkness, you’re not only bringing about light, but you become the focus of everyone who was in darkness and they’re drawn to you.  You’re someone and something different.


When you feel like the world is a violent and hateful place, then become the instrument of love and peace.  Pointing out the world’s problems is easy and accomplishes nothing.  Being the solution requires discipline and perseverance, but always rewarding for you and everyone else around you. 


This is what I’ve tried to do with Innovative Martial Ars Academy and making it a facility for and of people full of compassion and joy!

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