Bragging On My Students

Bragging On My Students

Yesterday, on Mother's Day, the Innovative Martial Arts Academy Demonstration Team performed in Wakefield, for an event called, Run Like a Mother.  My kids performed exceptionally, but that is not why I'm writing right now.  Just before the 5K was to start, the event holders played, The Star Spangled Banner.  My kids, along with their parents stood tall with their hands over their hearts, hats in hand.  


Being a veteran, it's almost instinctual to go to attention and give respect for our Country's anthem, and to the flag symbolizing our great nation.  First, my eyes were over the many people who just kept walking, even after seeing people standing hands over their hearts, indifferent.  Some people, like at a booth near us, couldn't even bother to get out of their chairs.  I was disgusted and felt anger bubbling up from my stomach.  But then..., in contrast, I saw my kids.  All of them, every single ONE of them were standing giving their respect. 


THAT says a lot about the parenting they receive, it says a lot about our nation's future in their hands, and it says a lot about our martial arts school and the environment it provides.  I've NEVER been more proud.  Our kids are AMAZING, our parents are EXCEPTIONAL.  Anyone who joins our academy to be a part of this martial arts family ought to feel blessed.  I love this school and I love these kids with my whole heart. 


Thank you for letting me rant and praise all on the same page!

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