Adult Martial Arts Classes In Wake Forest

Master The Art Of Kali And Aikido In Our Adult Martial Arts Classes

Don't miss out on the highest quality martial arts training in town. At Innovative Martial Arts Academy, we are proud to offer men and women ages 13 and up exciting instruction in both Aikido and Kali. 

These unique disciplines offer very different takes on the art of self-defense, but both can challenge you from day one to be fitter, stronger, and more confident in everything you do. 

Join us in Wake Forest today and take on our cutting-edge Adult Martial Arts Classes. Just fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

For Any Situation Or Goal You Have In Mind - Our Adult Martial Arts Program Has You Covered

At Innovative Martial Arts Academy, we didn't want to settle for just one Adult Martial Arts class with generic self-defense lessons and cookie cutter training. Instead, we're dedicated to offering you high-quality instruction in two distinct disciplines. 

Join us in Wake Forest today and take on the best Adult Martial Arts training in town!

Our classes include:

Kali Filipino Martial Arts: Challenge your mind and your body with effective weapons-based self-defense skills that can prepare you for any situation.

Kali is a traditional martial art that can help you defend against sticks, edged weapons, and open-hand attacks. Push yourself to be faster and stronger with improved hand-eye coordination in no time.

Aikido: A traditional close-combat training system, Aikido teaches you to how to use leverage and strength to gain control over an opponent. Aikido is a Japanese discipline that teaches self-defense through throws, joint locks, and the effects of momentum to help you come out on top. 

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes Push Your Body Like Never Before

A lot of fitness classes out there are great, but how much fun can you really be having on the treadmill or in that HIIT class? And when it's over, can you say that you actually learned anything?

Our Adult Martial Arts program at Innovative Martial Arts Academy enables to you challenge your body and your mind at the same time with high-energy classes that can burn hundreds of calories.

From day one, you'll work muscles you never knew you had AND walk away feeling more accomplished than ever before.

Join us in Wake Forest and take on:

  • Sustainable fat burn and weight loss
  • Lean muscle gains and toning
  • Improved speed and athletic ability
  • Unwavering self-confidence in everything you do

Get More From Your Workouts With Our Adult Martial Arts Classes In Wake Forest! 

Don't settle for good enough. Challenge yourself today with cutting-edge self-defense training and total-body fitness workouts. Our Adult Martial Arts Classes offer you the best of both worlds - and no prior experience is required!

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